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Welcome to My Blog! The world of Freedom2Sparkle

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

First of, a very big warm hello and welcome you to my world of running my jewellery business. I started this amazing adventure back in 2017 and I realise this is much more than just a business endeavour. When you start something from scratch, to create something from ground zero, you are forced to think, to face challenges on your own in the rawest form, move on with your strengths and, most painful of all, fall down with your weaknesses because no one else will think for you and you will get knock-backs over and over again. You will have to get back up on your own. There is a Chinese saying, you swallow the loosen tooth with blood - you just take the punch and move on.

Finding your true self and self improvement are a life long job. And I do have so many stories to tell, not just to sell jewellery (the sole purpose of selling will never get you where you want to be). I want to use this space to journal my thoughts and dreams, joys and fears, tears and laughter. I hope you come join the adventure with me, feel what I feel, see what I see and grow together. And hopefully along the way to inspire you to do things that you have been wanting to do but too scared. Also to share the lessons I learnt so that you don't have to make the same mistake.

Why Freedom?

Freedom2Sparkle Founder Angela Chan

I remember many years ago I was at this management workshop and this coach asked us to name three most important values. Mine were freedom, justice and fairness. I hardly remember the rest of the training session but these three values stick with me. So when I came to name my business, I chose one of the three values - you can't really use justice and fairness as a brand so the choice is easy!

If you are from a corporate background, you would resonate with me on the three values. I have seen so many good capable people were made scapegoat and redundant or genuine sincere people taking their responsibilities to heart to the point where they suffer from depression or friendly helpful colleagues get marginalised because they are not part of the "group" - totally juvenile and absolutely high school "mean girl" stuff, but sadly it happens, a lot. So I have made a promise to myself that when I have my own business, I am determined to create a clean and fair eco-environment.

Why Sparkle?

I believe we all sparkle in our own way. Albert Einstein said, "everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by the ability to climb tree, it will live its whole life believing that is stupid". So damn right. We sparkle from within and of course, a bit of bling helps too!

Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

I really hope you enjoy my introductory blog. Follow my blog and have a front row seat of witnessing a great jewellery business in the making!

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