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Freedom2Sparkle charities and sustainability


Dedicated to Animals and the Environment

At Freedom2Sparkle we have decided not to accept credit card because we feel we could donate the 3% commission charge on us from the credit card company to Hong Kong local dog shelters instead.  Hope you understand.  You can pay us with cash, bank transfer, PayMe or FPS.  And we will donate 3% of the sale to dog shelters.  By doing so, we hope we can make a difference on the dogs' lives.

My dogs, Suzy, Charlie and Macy, they all come from dog shelters.  Suzy was a cast off from illegal breeders.  She was found abandoned in some containers in New Territories with a couple of other pure breed dogs.  They were considered to be too old to produce more puppies, so they were just discarded and dumped like rubbish.  Suzy the schnauzer often stared into the space in deep thoughts and I just wondered what she was thinking - maybe the babies she produced but never nursed.  There was always so much sadness in her eyes.  She did not know how to play, you threw her ball, she would just look at you and let the ball roll away.  Her puppyhood was cruelly robbed.  Charlie the white Pekingese was found at the government kennel, covered in butter and there was no fur from the back of his neck to his tail and his nails were cut into the quick plus he did not know how to do stairs - likely he was never taken out.  Apparently he smelt like ahem rotten.  I only found out when every taxi we took the taxi drivers opened the window - given the hot and humid weather in Hong Kong, this is most unusual - so I asked why.  The driver looked at me square in my eyes in the rear window and said you can't smell it, seriously?  Seriously? No I CANNOT.   Not at all.  Then I knew it is a match made in heaven.  I was supposed to foster him back to health and send him back to the charity.   15 years, he is still sleeping in bed.  Failed foster.  Failed miserably.   Charlie is a lion trapped in a short legged body! Then there is Macy.  Macy came as a little fatty - like a fish ball on 4 toothpicks!  She was immediately put on a diet.  Then I found out she was one of the hoarder's case.  It was supposed to be out of good intention but the old lady bit off more than she could chew literally and ended up feeding the dogs with thrown out "pineapple buns" from local bakery shop in Sai Kung because she could not afford to feed the 30 plus cats and 40 plus dogs - that is the reason why Macy was overweighed, not because she was greedy.  Macy is a love bug.  With her tongue always hanging out on the right side, she is incredibly cute.  Within a couple of days being adopted, I found out she had hernia and back to the vet again.  She is fine now, with a bit of arthritis - it is her license to be carried on demand.   Besides like being carried, she also loves sleeping belly up.   She prefers the company of humans than dogs.  Might as well, Charlie loves his independence and his space.

We are also in transition from using traditional jewellery packaging to sustainable recyclable materials and gradually move away from plastic.   Recently I joined a beach clean up thinking it is easy to pick up rubbish right - you can see them.  You see them, pick them up, put in bin bags, job done.  But I discovered the most lethal pollutants are the ones that you cannot see.   Microbeads.   Over time, plastic breaks down into millions of pieces of microbeads.  Fish eat microbeads and we eat fish.  Truly terrifying thoughts.  The beach is FULL of microbeads so much so that you cannot pick them all up.  A recent trip to Phuket was thought provoking too.   It was low season and the current brings so much rubbish onto the beach.  Every morning, the hotel and the restaurant owners will have teams of people picking up rubbish, a sad sad sight.  It has been years of human force feeding the ocean junks and rubbish and this is pay back time with the ocean vomiting and sending the junk back to us.    We really need to stop using plastic whenever we can.  Every effort counts.

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