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Time to take stock and regroup

One good thing about being a single older adult is you don't need to go round your senior relatives' home to wish them good luck during Chinese New Year. Instead you get to either go abroad for a holiday or have a staycation. I went for the latter and spent almost most of my free time.....thinking....

Taking stock of the Year of Dog - all that I have achieved, the opportunities I have missed, the mistakes I have made, the temper I have had, another year of insisting walking my dogs during lunch time from work (despite a lot of people will think I will give up after a couple of weeks, you know walking up the hill in the hot weather and lunch at home on my own - in fact I have been doing this for a couple of years now - my commitment to my Charlie and Macy) - and petrified by the fear that time is running out.

We start dying the second we were borned. Yes you hear it right. We start dying the second we were borned. So for Year of Pig - go spend more time with your parents, hug your dogs more often, treat your friends nice, be a fair and honest person, put in your best share in team sport.s Don't cheat. Stay true to yourself.

Better still, go do things that you have never done before, do things that used to scare you to death, do things that you really want to do but are afraid of what other will think of you. Simply do things that make you feel alive.

I have high expectation of Year of Pig. I feel this is my year and my time as no opportunities are going to waste.










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