Borrow liberally, combine uniquely, and create your own bespoke blueprint. 
Tim Ferriss

We personally meet with clients to discuss the bespoke requirement and gain deeper understanding of the personality, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and that the design is unique.   

Selecting every stone and presiding over every step of the journey, employing our expertise and over 25 years of experience of our craftsmen, no shortcuts of the creating and making process are taken, no stage is bypassed.  Only perfection matters. 

For whatever reason, Freedom2Sparkle makes the best bespoke jewellery for you. Tell us what your wants, your dream designs, your favourite stone and material, your budget, and we will weave it together. 

We will look at your dress sense, your personality and your lifestyle to come up with a draft and then we will keep revising it until you are totally happy with it.  

Pieces are created by local Hong Kong Chinese craftsman.

Yes, commissioning bespoke jewellery pieces is really this easy and simple with Freedom2Sparkle!

Terms: With a 50% deposit of the price, we will start work. The remaining 50% is to be paid upon presentation of the piece.